A new spot graces old town! We went tonight and loved both noodle bowls. I think the price is right for the quantity. I only ate a quarter and took the rest for left overs. Can't wait to eat them! We'll definitely be coming back.
This place is FANTASTIC. We have family from Yunnan and this food is very authentic. We went there for their “soft opening” and met the owner...everyone is very very personable. We will definitely be back. Highly recommend going before it gets too popular
Total hidden gem! After living in old town for six years I have started to get bored of the food available here, and it's so nice to have such a unique addition to our dining options. My mother and I went for dinner tonight and absolutely loved it. It is currently in the soft opening stage, so there are five dishes available. We had the Braised Beef dish and Little Pot Mixian. Both were excellent, but the braised beef was so unique and unlike anything I've ever had. It was sour and salty and with a tiny kick, and honestly had flavors I can't totally describe. Both dishes were very fresh and you could tell they use quality ingredients. Service was quick and extremely friendly. All questions were more than answered and we were so glad we went with the braised beef he recommended. I can't wait to come back, and even more excited to see their menu expand. Go try it!
This new fast service noodle restaurant delivers great flavorful dishes that are at a reasonable price point! I loved the add ins especially pickles mustard stems and smokey chili oil.
There was just one couple at 543 when we walked in on a rainy Saturday. Having driven from Fairfax, we were a bit unsure. So the 5 review indicates how we feel in the end. Ordered the Grandma bowl, pork buns and the braised beef bowl. The beef bowl derives it's salt from the chilly oils and is bereft of broth, but the fare is delicious. The buns were out of this world, flavor packed white bunnies. The Grandma bowl was the favorite with it's melange of spices, meat, pasta and vegetables out in full team work.. probably rename it a Superbowl. Oh yeah, the pot of tea is just right accouterment. The services was awesome, Noah and another young gent were polite but knowledgeable
I was in DC/Alexandria for work last week and went to Yunnan by Potomac Friday night as I had never had Mixian noodles and was curious to try something new. The place has a real charm with authentic art on the walls, warm lighting, and orange accents that give it a hip but not hipster-ish feel. The servers were young, attentive and knowledgeable. The menu seems intentionally curated for simplicity but there were still plenty of options for my group to try different things and share them without exhausting our choices. We started with the pear radish salad, which turned out to be an amazingly refreshing combination. I'm not a big radish person generally, but the 2 flavors complemented each other and if you're feeling fancy you could call this one a palate cleanser. We then had the pork belly bun and the potato rice. The pork belly bun is a generous serving of pork belly with some delicious scallion/chili oil combo on a fresh bun - yum. The potato rice was savory and really unique but I'll be honest that in my world it's just hard to compete with a delicious pork bun:-). The Little Pot Mixian and the Braised Beef Lu Mixian were next and both were out of this world. If you haven't had Mixian as I hadn't, this description doesn't do it justice but picture a puffy, less dense rice noodle version of ramen. The texture was surprisingly light and extremely satisfying. The Little pot was more of a soup with a flavorful broth while the Braised Beef has less liquid almost served more like a pasta dish would be (the beef pieces were noteworthy - tender and flavorful). The servings were generous and I certainly had enough left to make an extra meal out of mine. (I'm in DC often for work, and next time I'm in town, I'm going to head in for the Grandma Parou Mixian as someone at the table next to ours had this and it looked delicious.) We finished off our meal sharing the sweet rice and it was just perfect for a little something to end on. It sounds like this place has gotten off to an amazing start and while we had no trouble getting seated early on a Friday night, I can't imagine that will be the case for long...fortunately, I saw they do takeout too.
I grew up in Yunnan Province, China. Eating Yunnan Style noodles is part of my childhood. When I travel all over the world, I always search for Yunnan style rice noodle. It is a great surprise to find such authentic and delicious home style Yunnan noodle in Great Washington. This is also one of the best Yunnan noodles I have ever tasted. I have patronized this places since my discovery and I become a fan of this great restaurant. Great job. I highly recommend this place. If you like Yunnan noodle, this is a must go restaurant.
Went here for the soft opening and had a n excellent meal. I highly recommend the braised beef noodle pot.